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After you dispose of the diaper, you will need to properly wipe the baby's bottom with a wipe or damp cloth. Can you save them? We used to have airplanes, but we had to sell them. You deserved it.

Where might I be able to buy a T-shirt? Brush your hair. They are going to give a party the day after tomorrow. Why are people afraid of us? Do I have to eat with her? Things aren't too clear. I'm really beginning to enjoy this. I haven't been waiting so long. Saturday is the last day of the week.

He laid down in the grass. His debts amounted to a thousand dollars. One man says this, another that. You've got to do it this way.

Shane is better looking than I am. My goal is to be a polyglot. We haven't seen it yet. He knows how to whistle. The cousins are similar in appearance but widely different in character. I'll find one later. I don't have any comment on that. He plays baseball every day. I wouldn't want you to get the wrong impression about me. The author leaves Luggnagg and sails to Japan. From thence he returns in a Dutch Ship to Amsterdam, and from Amsterdam to England.

It is exciting to welcome Jane. Hughes got tired of waiting for Liz, so he went on home. Nobody ever praises him.

I'm sure you can do even better. I'm just a freshman. She will write another book one of these days. This is the first time that I have been here. Anita is a school bus driver. Go ahead, shoot me.

Too expensive! Robin still isn't happy with how things are going. Can I get you a diet soda? I'm the one who got beat up. A man called on you last night.

This line is crosswise. It was very kind of you to visit me when I was ill. The parents were worried that their child might be autistic.

Saul got on the crowded elevator. Let's turn off the TV.

I want to know what that is. I wasn't expecting visitors. I know all about cows. I love cows. I'll save them. Jiri has bags under his eyes. This store doesn't stay open as late as I'd like.

I discovered my father collected 30 years of newpapers. So, you don't think I'm good enough for you.

The paper bowl is cheap. What did Pitawas like about it? You don't realize its value until you have lost your health. His pencil has been sharpened. When did you guys get here? They go to movies together. We were young and foolish back then. Ten million yen will be enough for the project. May I borrow your car?